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Success has meant different things for each of our portfolio companies. We’ve dispensed with the traditional fund structure so that we can take the time to help our companies build a strong future.


Find. Listen. Learn. HaystackID helps more than 500 of the world’s leading corporations and law firms manage data and risk in litigation, from front-end forensics through technology-enabled review.

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  • Operating partner

    Mike Bryant, Chairman of HaystackID and Knox Operating Partner

  • Capital partner

    Flexible institutional capital, management

Knox Capital invested in HaystackID with a targeted buy-and-build strategy to build critical mass, add innovative technology, and create a balanced corporate and law firm driven customer base. Since late 2017, we’ve acquired four companies including the platform, building a company with over $60 Million in revenue from less than $14 Million at inception.

Thesis Create strategic critical mass, add technology, and create balanced customer mix targeting mid-market customers
Quick Stats
$62.0m Revenue

3 Add-on acquisitions

Knox has been a true partner and led with a focused strategy from the start. We’ve built a truly unique platform in a very short period of time. Knox has led us there.

– Hal Brooks, CEO, HaystackID


Electric submersible pump and control solutions for rugged applications and environments – from mining to industrial and commercial applications.

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  • Operating partner

    Steve Noon, Chairman Tom Nugent, Operating Advisor; Founder, Profectus Capital

  • Capital partner

    Family Office

Knox Capital invested in Stancor to help transition the business from retiring owners, build a professional team, and prepare the business for acquisition-led growth. We recently merged Stancor with a complementary add-on, maintaining a significant equity interest, and are focused on future opportunities to continue to build on a great foundation at Stancor. The Company now has a balanced product portfolio and is well positioned to continue to make strategic add-on acquisitions.

Thesis Founder transition, foundation build and strategic add-on strategy
Quick Stats
$33.7m Revenue

1 Add-on acquisitions


Stancor was recently merged with BJM Pumps as part of Industrial Flow Solutions.


A global platform in the industrial gas turbine industry, covering a broad spectrum of aftermarket part repair and replacement needs for OEMs and end users.

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  • Operating partner

    Tom Nugent, Operating Advisor; Founder, Profectus Capital

  • Capital partner

    Flexible institutional capital

Knox Capital invested in TRS Global to create a global platform in the industrial gas turbine repair aftermarket. The company is currently led by Tom Nugent, Executive Chairman and Founder, Profectus Capital.

Thesis Build a global, diversified platform in the gas turbine repair industry
Quick Stats
$28.0m Revenue

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